Ken Hatter, “notes taken before he died”


(August, 2019)

Ken Hatter is a poet. He was born and raised in East Texas at a time when being black and gay was anything but okay. Ken has spent the better part of his life in Washington DC, where he has acted as the unofficial mayor ever since.

You can purchase a copy of “notes taken before he died” for $6, or the entire year’s run of six EO broadsides for $30, by following these simple steps (until our payment site is up!):

  1. Email us
  2. Tell us which broadside(s) you’d like & how many copies
  3. Include preferred shipping address
  4. Include Venmo user name and then @kthomas21 will send a payment request
  5. We will ship the broadsides and confirm shipment after payment is received!

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