Jessica D. Gallion aka YELLAWOMAN, “Bayou Woman”

(October, 2019)

Jessica D. Gallion aka YELLAWOMAN is a writer, poet, mother, friend, from Natchitoches, Louisiana, raised in Los Angeles, California. She is the author of Can’t No Woman Woman Like Me, published by World Stage Press in Leimert Park. She is also the creator and facilitator for Creatin’ After Hours (a guided writing night cap) at The World Stage. She has performed for Compton College, various high schools in Los Angeles County through The Living Writers Series, Cafe Con Libros, The Pasadena Lit Festival, un::fade::able, The Table Lit Readings, La Palabra, and many other venues around Los Angeles. Jessica is the 2016 champion of the Spoken Word Voices Heard Poetry Slam and a graduate of the Community Literature Initiative. Her work takes you on a journey through self discovery and affirmations, colorism, singlemotherhood, and trials and overcoming with a cayenne cultural thread of “sho ya right.” A second book is in the works.

You can purchase a copy of “Bayou Woman” for $6, or the entire year’s run of six EO broadsides for $30, by following these simple steps (until our payment site is up!):

  1. Email us
  2. Tell us which broadside(s) you’d like & how many copies
  3. Include preferred shipping address
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